Rajamouli & his style of film-making

It’s been 30 days since Baahubali has released and we, as film lovers, aren’t yet over the magic of the movie. Baahubali is undoubtedly one of the best things that has happened to Telugu Film Industry in the past few decades. The records it has set, the countries it has gone and the reputation it has bought to the Telugu industry is magnanimous and Rajamouli garu does deserve a million standing ovations for this.
Like every movie maker, Rajamouli has his own style. Right from his very first movie, he has been following a style that has been loved by not just the telugu audience but also by most other industries. After having watched the Baahubali duo a couple of times, I have found a few interesting similarities between Baahubali and his previous movies which explains a lot about his style of film-making. Here are they –

1) The strong flashback:
This is the basic context of most of Rajamouli’s movie is a flashback. Right from Student No. 1, it’s mostly been the flashback that brings a push to the whole story becoming the root cause of the story. With more than two halves of the duo being covered by the the flashback, isn’t it true that flashback is the biggest strength of Rajamouli!
2) Revenge Revenge:
Revenge is one thing that none (ah, almost) of his movies miss. The strong flashback is followed by revenge which is even powerful. Even Eega was all about the revenge of a fly, which can’t narrate its flashback though. It’s only the one who takes the revenge that changes and it’s the son of the dead guy in Baahubali.
3) Close up shots of bloods, silhouette shots in front of son:
Only a few film makers can succeed in adding art to every frame and Rajamouli is one such. While most of his movies demand violence and bloodshed, the beautiful style in which he shows the blood spills is truly artistic and lovely.
Also, the silhouette shots used in various movies by Rajamouli are quite interesting.
4) Almost-failure:
Probably with an aim to showcase more reality, the protagonists of Rajamouli never win at the very step. Most of them reach an almost-death stage before bouncing back and winning. As far as I can remember none of his movies missed it.

5) Loyalty:
Almost all his movies have one character that is loyal to the core – loyal to the family or to a person or to an ideology or wait even to a college. This loyalty becomes a part of the story and often leads to the actual story.
6) Strong villain:
We don’t even need an explanation for this, do we? From Rana to Raj Bihari, every villain of Rajamouli has been a sensation that has given serious villainy goals to other movie directors.

Not just these, there are more similarities between most of his movies like an introduction song for the hero, a semi-grade character, an epic interval sequence etc., He is definitely not just a marketer as many chide, he is also a talented film maker.