UV Creations On June 21, the pocket of the film “Happy Wedding” Invitation

UV Creations On June 21, the pocket of the film “Happy Wedding” Invitation

Scan ..
Lovers, like the good prospects kerinta the youth audience, but also the family audiences reputed Sumanth Ashwin

Bride ..
As the baby with cirakattu accatelugu padaharanala Telugu Telugu Telugu varinti adapaducula as clearance of the screen is a stable performance won her pleasant niharika konidela

Pellipeddalu ..
4 is a huge expense, with Young Rebel Star Prabhas UV Creations banner in the image and prestige of the pocket film Saho

Vicar ..
Laxman, who is the director of the Young Talented

Mangalavayidyakarulu …
Sangitam saktikant, ririkarding esesthaman

Camera ..
Provided that the good performance ennocitralaki balareddi

.. On June 21, Thursday, 2018

Sumanth Ashwin, nebula konidela starring and produced the film “Happy Wedding” Sumanth Ashwin is playing for the first time in the UV Creations banner. Family emesans gentle and well-scenes, the narration, the director had driven as pranks, is very well .. to further elevate the Taman and his re-recording and re-planning. Fida, a musical feast of music lovers with songs provided saktikant provided.

The producers sharing their happiness ..

We, along with the creations of the company, such as the construction of the prestigious and well in the pocket of the film with Telugu film, we made a very good response from the audience comes from all sides hyapivedding picture. Sumanth Ashwin, the nebula is very well cast in their roles. Kurrakaruni the scenes between the two is extremely impressive. Thaman has composed the background score more than one point in the dialogue that is to say atisayoktikadu upiriniccayo. As well as the Father and the music provided by chartbastar nilabadipotayi in saktikant Karthik music chart buster. Hyapivedding romantic entertainer made the invitation on June 21 will be released ahead of the audience. Jarigeroju from the day following the marriage between the two families to marry, what’s going on between the two in mind, our director, is very pretty. Jarigivuntundi similar experience in the life of everybody. By the audience got to see the film as themselves. All classes, all ages, they’ll be connected to the film. The film is expected to release soon. He said ..

.. Sumanth Ashwin stars, nebula, Naresh, Murali Sharma, Lokesh holy, basil, magical, Madhumati and others ..

Technicians ..

UV Creations banner
Music Director – saktikant
Re-re-recording – S. S. Taman
Camera – Ball Comments
Music – saktikant Karthik
Producer – Pocket Cinema
Direction – which had