Review : Arjun Reddy – Tollywood Reaches New Heights

Arjun Reddy’s mania has hit all over the Telugu states. The film which is eagerly awaited has hit the screens today. Will it live up to its expectations, just read on to see and find it out yourself?
Arjun Reddy(Vijay Devarakonda) is a surgeon who in a relationship with one of his juniors(Shalini) from college. But tragedy strikes the couple as the heroine’s father forces her to leave Arjun and gets her married against her will. This break up shatters Arjun’s dream and he goes bonkers. What kind of trauma does he go through and how does he come out is the story of the film.
Cast & Performances :
Vijay Devarakonda gives the performance of a life time. Such a wild and intense performance you might have surely not seen in the last five years for sure. The way he shows his agony and is unapologetic about it is the biggest plus. His role will shock you and at the same time feel bad for him. Newcomer Shalini is apt as the calm lover. Hero’s friend Rahul Ramakrishna is superb as the friend who supports the hero all time. His role is the biggest key for Arjun Reddy’s impact. Rest of the supporting cast is pretty good.
Technical Department :
The set up is so contemporary that no Telugu film has come out like this in the recent time. The film looks raw, sober and at the same time quite wild. This is ably supported by the brilliant background score and amazing camera work. Director Sandeep Reddy is a man to watch out for as he has put the Telugu cinema on to another level. He has dreamt of things which no one could and has also succeeded in it which is a great thing in Telugu films. 
Vijay Devarakonda’s performance
Hard Hitting break up scenes
Superb Narration
Minus Points:-
Lengthy Run Time
Arjun Reddy is one film which will stay with you even after you come out of the theaters. It is one of the most progressive films made ever on Telugu screens and will be a rage with the youth. It is shocking, intense, riveting and entertaining in its own way. Don’t miss such films as they are made very rarely
Rating 3.5




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