Balayya to sport new look in his 100th film?

NBK’s 100th film is gearing up for a formal launch soon and Krish is expected to helm this project in which Balayya will be seen as the famous Amaravati King Gautamiputra Satakarni.
Balakrishna is currently preparing for the role and he is already growing a big moustache so that stylists can experiment with the final look. According to the sources, Balayya will be testing out three variations of moustaches and Krish will reportedly be taking the final call on the look. Balakrishna is a director’s actor and he totally believes in working according to the director’s wishes once a project is on.
Balakrishna will also be speaking with a new voice modulation and accent for this movie. Interesting details about this project are expected to come out soon.