Will too much hype kill Arjun Reddy?

The teasers of Arjun Reddy already did the trick for the film as the youth in both the Telugu states got attracted towards the film in no time. A few days back, Vijay Devarakonda’s speech at the pre-release event made it even crazier as the film is seeing a massive buzz all over.

The film is targeted towards the youth and is a serious romantic drama with some hard-hitting dialogues and scenes which will surely not go well with the family audience. So, all those who will see the film will be only youth and that too boys.
In such a case, the content of the film needs to be very strong and strike a chord with the audience. As there is too much hype, the youth will expect some smooches and cuss words which are being promoted all over.
Will such a huge hype for the film stand in favor of it or kill it completely. Well, just wait for another few hours and find it out yourself.